Body Armor

No one bullet resistant vest works for everyone. There are a number of issues to consider when selecting body armor:

  1. Ballistic resistance materials
  2. Threat levels
  3. Vest type (concealable vs. tactical body armor)

The information below will guide you in the process for choosing the right armor protection for your needs. For specific information, please visit one of the body armor manufacturers to the right.

Body Armor 101

Learn the Basics of Body Armor

How Personal Body Armor works, how vests are made and what ballistic standards mean.

Find answers to specific questions in the frequently asked questions section or learn more about body armor terminology in the body armor glossary.

Learn the basics of body armor

NIJ - National Institute of Justice

National Institute of Justice .06 Standard

Everything you need to know about the new NIJ body armor standard

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is a government sponsored organization that is focused on supporting technology for the law enforcement industry, as well as setting standards for police supplies and equipment.

Read about the new NIJ .06 Standard   |  Visit the NIJ Website

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